Fontaine Lake

Northern Athabasca Basin, Covering approx.

Fontaine Lake U-Nb-Ta-REE property is 53 km northwest of Stony Rapids and contains four showings. The property was most recently prospected by CanAlaska in 2008 which identified a number of promising prospects for follow up exploration.

Addie Lake Showing

A grab sample (#ODM380) assayed 12,200 ppm U (1.44% U3O8), 1,812 ppm TREE and 0.43% P2O5 from a granite outcrop.

Grab samples were collected by CanAlaska Uranium in 2007 from outcrops of pink medium-grained granite and a leucogranite dyke that gave radiometric readings of 5,000 cps to 7,000 cps.

Davenport Showing

A grab sample (#WM342) assayed 6,830 ppm U (0.81% U3O8), 4,732 ppm TREE, 6,940 ppm Nb (0.7% Nb) and 1,170 ppm Ta (0.12% Ta) from a sheared basement granite outcrop at East Addie Lake.

East Addie Lake Showing

The target area covers portion of a linear magnetic feature (diabase dyke) and discrete uranium radiometric highs that lie on the edge of the property scale U and U/K airborne radiometric anomaly that is roughly centred on Tait.

– Grab sample (#RD270) assayed 10,876 ppm U (1.28% U3O8) from a pink granite outcrop.

– Grab sample (#RD271) assayed 9,115 ppm (1.08 % U3O8) from a pink granite outcrop.

Both samples contained uraninite and trace bornite and malachite.

Samples were collected by CanAlaska Uranium in 2008 from an outcrop of pink granite that gave radiometric readings up to 15,000 cps. These samples were found on a weak airborne radiometric anomaly and in an area that was not prospected in 2007. They are highly fractured, strongly hematised and display moderate limonite alteration. The outcrop also follows the strike of a strong linear magnetic feature running NW-SE. CanAlaska recommended that further prospecting be done in the area.

Mavor Lake showing

Grab sample RD272 – an outcrop of pink pegmatite assayed 1,079 ppm U (0.16% U3O8), 1,351 ppm Nb and 95 ppm Ta.