Our Strategy

Fulcrum’s strategy is to focus on discovery of economic deposits and commercialisation of its Projects using its three defined pillars: Explore, Discover, and Scale to increase value.

The Company will continually identify and review investment opportunities with the view to increasing shareholder value.   It is the Board’s intention to deliver medium and long-term growth and to establish the Group as a significant exploration company.

The Company has established a prospective portfolio of gold, base metal and uranium projects, which are strategically positioned close to mineral rich deposits and producing mines, with established infrastructure nearby.

Fulcrum Metals is primarily focussed on the advancement of its asset, the Schreiber-Hemlo Project, which comprises the Big Bear and Jackfish Lake projects, two highly prospective gold assets located 14km apart, covering 113km2 in Ontario.

The Schreiber – Hemlo properties have a history of prospecting and localised extraction since the late 19th century. However, coherent, property-level exploration programmes have been limited or absent, particularly in recent times. Fulcrum has an opportunity to carry out such a programme and this approach provides the best opportunity to fully explore the significant prospectivity of the properties.

The Company also has three early-stage exploration projects across known greenstone belts in Ontario, being the Winston Lake Project, the Dog Lake Project and Tocheri Lake Project, which the Company will look to develop as Joint Venture / acquisition targets.

In the Northern Athabasca Basin Saskatchewan region of Canada, Fulcrum has the Charlot–Neely Lake Uranium and Gold Project and the Fontaine Lake Uranium Project. Saskatchewan is the world’s leading source of high-grade uranium and supplies about 20% of the world’s uranium; these projects provide exposure to the increasing global recognition and investment in nuclear energy as a way of decarbonising base load power.

With an experienced board and management team, Fulcrum is committed to delivering growth and building value through the development of its strategic asset portfolio, which provides multi-commodity exposure.