Adrok Technology

Fulcrum has a 15% interest in Adrok Ltd, a UK based remote sensing technology company with non-invasive capability to locate, identify and map sub surface exploration natural resources.

About Adrok Technology


Adrok’s innovative Atomic Dielectric Resonance technology enables clients to scan and test properties via virtual borehole techniques, which then measure subsurface natural resources, rock types and rock sequences to determine resource potential before drilling.

Known as a Predrilling Virtual Logging® service, this patented technology has extensive application and significant environmental and operational benefits:

  • mitigates environmental damage caused by traditional exploration techniques
  • reduces operational risk
  • significant cost savings
  • accelerates project due diligence, exploration programmes, target delineation, risk management, prioritisation, mine appraisal, and life of mine extension
  • reduces or removes permitting requirements
  • enhances working relationships with local communities

Adrok has successfully completed a number of projects including high grade narrow vein gold in Western Australia, uranium in Saskatchewan and oil & gas field development, underpinning the extensive mineral and geographical applications possible with this technology. The company is also developing geothermal and temperature mapping applications, as well as precision targeting
for groundwater and deep aquifers up to and over 1000m depth, depending on overlying geology.

Adrok and Fulcrum


ESG is an increasingly important component for the future of mineral exploration and mining activities. Testament to Fulcrum’s ESG commitment and to ensuring the sustainable development of its project portfolio, the Company holds a 15% interest in Adrok, and Adrok in turn holds xx shares in Fulcrum.

This investment creates a unique opportunity to leverage a mineral exploration company and an ESG focussed technology company to support and expediate exploration property appraisal and development and share in the increased IP potential of the technology as it is commercialised and adopted in a global ESG market set for significant growth.

Fulcrum believes that once traction has been set, local communities and governments will set out requirements that all exploration companies adopt non-invasive technologies to minimise the environmental risks and impacts to their land, making the world a better place whilst unlocking critical mineral supplies.

For further information on Adrok and its proven technology please see Adrok’s website: