Saskatchewan Project Overview

Two Projects, Northern Athabasca Basin, Covering approx.

The company has acquired two Uranium properties in Athabasca Basin, Northern Saskatchewan, which is the world’s leading source of high-grade uranium and currently supplies about 20% of the world’s uranium.
The ambition of meeting Net Zero Emissions and the drive towards a greener economy has seen the re-emergence of the Uranium market. There is increasing acknowledgement that Uranium has an important role to play which has seen a significant influx of investment and opportunity.
The table below gives an approximate conversion from Uranium grades to Gold equivalent for the project prospects (Uranium percent / ppm values calculated by multiplying U ppm times a conversion factor of 0.0001179 as per CanAlaska reports 2008).

The Charlot Lake property is 55.5 sq. km. in size and located north of Uranium City, Saskatchewan. The property contains four uranium showings last explored in the 1970s offering the chance to apply modern exploration technology to develop the property.

The Fontaine Lake U-Nb-Ta-REE property is 53 km northwest of Stony Rapids and contains four showings. The property was most recently prospected by CanAlaska in 2008 which identified a number of promising prospects for follow up exploration.